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Members since 1980 (800) 462-8848 (954) 467-1540. Maintain your Series 40 transmission with top-quality parts from Discount Inboard Marine. We offer a full range of affordable PCM 40 parts and accessories, including o-rings, flanges, seals and more, all at great prices. PCM 1.23:1 Transmission: PCM 1.23:1 Down angle transmission used in many Ski Boat applications 2399.00: RA122014: PCM Hi-torque starter for all standard rotation Ford engines. 209.00: RA080002A: Fuel pump for all PCM Ford 302 & 351 engines. 129.00: R065002: 2 groove crank pulley for all early model Ford 302 & 351 applications with three bolt Cooler, Transmission Oil, PCM GM – LONG COOLER – 12 ” long barrel and 1-1/4″ inlet and outlet, PCM # R147006 $ 159.00 Add to cart; COUPLING NUT, OUTPUT FLANGE PCM 40A $ 63.21 Add to cart; Damper plate for engines with PCM transmissions (see product details) $ 245.00 Add to cart; DIPSTICK FOR PCM POWER PLUS 1.23:1 $ 89.33 Read more; O 2007-08-28 · "Have 1996 PCM 5.8L with PCM Model 40 1:1 transmission.

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Our extensive range of transmissions are used in pleasure boats, work boats and search and rescue boats by some of the world’s best-known manufacturers. 2017-06-09 Purpose designed for marine applications all standard version PRM gearboxes have output shafts vertically offset from the crankshaft centre line. However to cater for the installation demands of the widest range of hulls the PRM260C and PRM750C are available with an in-line configuration, while 8 degree down angle options are offered on the PRM750 and 10 degree on the PRM1000. Pleasurecraft Marine (PCM) was founded in 1975 in Canal Winchester, Ohio. Since then, PCM has provided the highest quality, longest lasting, and top performing watersports engines available and has become the recognized leader in inboard watersports engines.

PCM R028009 GM Small Block Exhaust Manifold OEM

Will Parks. 17 Jul 2007 Click forPleasurecraft Marine parts and manuals!

Pcm marine transmission

PCM ZF Oljefilter Kit hos Froggy - Froggy Vattensport

Pcm marine transmission

PCM spiral bevel-gears and reversing gears, planetary speed modulation gears, parallel-axes reducers, orthogonal-axes reducers, customised gears.

Pcm marine transmission

Follow the link below to your engine and/or transmission oil cooler. To place an order please use our secure online ordering. Seaboard Marine stocks a large inventory of ZF marine transmissions. We carry a wide variety of marine gear models and gear ratios. ZF 85IV,ZF 63A, ZF 220A, ZF 220V, ZF 280A, ZF 286IV, ZF 325IV.
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Pcm marine transmission

Good Luck! Steve TRANSMISSION KIT, PCM 80A 1.23:1 New PCM 80A transmission kit replaces PCM 40A 1.23:1 ratio. Kit includes new damper plate, 12" transmission cooler and lines. Same dimensions as the original PCM 40A with 9 degree downangle output coupler. The 80A fluid pump is not reversible and will only work with a left hand (standard) rotation engine.

FOR SALE! PCM-40 1:53 to 1 Ratio Transmission PCM MARINEINCLUDES MOUNTS International Buyers – 371532582951 Cooler, Transmission Oil, PCM GM – LONG COOLER – 12 ” long barrel and 1-1/4″ inlet and outlet, PCM # R147006 $ 159.00 Add to cart; Transmission seal, W/G- Reduction $ 14.95 Add to cart; Dipstick for 80s and 80i 1:1 transmissions in v-drives $ 19.12 Add to cart; Dipstick for 80a 1.23:1 transmissions $ 19.23 Add to cart; Walter V-Drive Transmission Marine Gears Inc is one of the best industrial parts and Installation service that provide ZF, Hurth, Paragon, Velvet, Drive, Capitol, boating, gearbox, mounts, damper plate, PRM, Walter, cooler, heat exchanger, boat transmission, etc. Members since 1980 (800) 462-8848 (954) 467-1540.
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Impeller Kit Replaces Pleasurecraft Marine PCM RP061022

Prenumerera. Kontakta oss. Telefonnummer: 08-474 50 01. E-post: We specialize in Volvo Penta Volvo Penta engines, outdrives, propellers, and other accessories, but we also carry MerCruiser, PCM, Cummins, Perkins, etc. Maintain your Series 40 transmission with top-quality parts from Discount Inboard Marine.